Adult education organizations are facing challenges arises form COVID 19 pandemic, which happened suddenly and is and will continue to affect adult education in the future. More than 70% of adult education participants are vulnerable adults who, especially now, need the knowledge and skills to 
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The challenge addressed by the project is a fast ageing. Due to rising life expectancy, the proportion of older people in Europe is increasingly rapidly. Active ageing and solidarity between generations are key to the creation of a Europe for all ages. The transmission of 
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E-LEARNING FOR 2035 2019-1-EE01-KA204-051646 Erasmus+ KA2 01.09.2019 – 31.08.2021 Adult education is the key to sustainability and prosperity of society in future. In order to help adult learners to be self-directed in their development, meet the requirements of the labour market, discover new jobs, cooperate 
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The project team searched for answers to the following questions: how can we prepare the students for a future after school and how to adapt the school education for this? How to involve parents in this process? How to cooperate with other institutions in order 
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Promoting Social, Emotional, and Learning Skills of Students with and without Special Education Needs by Developing Teachers’ Capabilities in Music, Dance and Digital Competences The project directly addresses the need to promote social inclusion in European Classrooms by developing, piloting and applying an innovative methodology 
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