The Transition Service © is a pioneering program for the Cyprus data, based on the corresponding philosophy that began its first steps in the United States of America in the 1970s and operates successfully in many European countries today.

Why Transition service?

Transition offers programs to them (people with mild disabilities) that need additional skills, knowledge and experience, by promoting and developing the improvement, acquisition and upgrading of life skills and work skills for the participation in life and labor market / employment.

Basic features of the Transition service

The program is characterized by

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability

to the needs of trainees.

The basic principle is the personal involvement of each trainee who is also the protagonist throughout the program.

Tailor made

It is tailor made to the individual needs of each trainee in order to respond to the skills, qualifications and knowledge that everyone has in order to ensure so that they are ready, aware and competitive in the rapid changes that occur and are based on the economy knowledge and the global economic crisis.

The program methodology includes:

Basic Training
Training / Training
Practical / professional
training and education

Goals of Transition Service

Education / Training to acquire work skills
Education / Training to acquire life skills
Counseling services for integration into the labor market.
Successful professional experience
Develop trust so that the trainee can then work for paid work.
Pioneering program for the Cyprus data

Who is TRANSITION service referring to?

A person with different kind of difficulties, who has left school

An individual aged 13 and over who is studying at school but has difficulties

An individual who has some particular difficulties

A person who is not part of the labor market

A person with learning or behavioral or emotional or social difficulties

A person who is not socially integrated

Person with marginal intelligence

Person with emotional problems

Person with behavioral problems

Person with limited social skills