LCEducational It was founded in 2009, located at the city center of Limassol and its premises are suitable for the implementation of various events and seminars. It is characterized as one of the most modern, dynamic, innovative and pioneering educational institutions, based on the principles of an evolving knowledge society.

The LCEducational scientific team consists of a number of employees as well as external partners, such as distinguished academics and approved trainers with different profiles and professional qualifications.

I welcome you to LCEducational, an innovative and unique Training, Educational, Research and Counselling Center.

Due to the high level of responsibility and at the same time, in the methodical and innovative work that characterizes us, LCEducational can be described as the first and only educational center that systematically deals with the training of professionals and individuals working in the wider field of social sciences, special-inclusive education/training, social care, 3rd Age, training of different groups,  and the hotel industry.

It is also the first and only center to offer a specialized “Transition Service” program, which evaluates and trains young people with special learning difficulties, to enter into the labor market. All of our actions are person-centered and the ultimate aim is to directly or indirectly improve the quality of life for all. With a high sense of social responsibility, LCEducational offers programs and development opportunities to trainees and society in general.

For all of these - and not only - reasons, LCEducational constitutes both an important part of the social and cultural life of our country, and on the other hand, one of the most innovative educational institutions on national and international level.

As a training institution, we provide our trainees and partners with a unique experience of experiential modern learning there and where needed; creating an appropriate inclusive environment that offers substantial benefits for everyone to successfully meet the competitive and demanding labor market environment.