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LCEducational - Profile
Training, Education, Research and Counselling Center

LCE offers high quality training services, which are designed to cover the needs of businesses for a complete and thorough training in current subjects which will be able to reflect the needs of the newly formed society of knowledge and economy. These services cover the entire spectrum of diagnosis, design and implementation of a training program.

LCEducational and Training Center aims to provide all kinds of formal and informal education and training, initial or supplementary, certifying trainees with the necessary qualifications. It is approved and co-funded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

LCEducational works closely with similar bodies in the European Union. The group of partners are distinguished scientists, educators and trainers from Cyprus and abroad.

LCEducational is located in the heart of Limassol, offering easy access to all. It is a modern European-style educational center, with high functional and modern equipment. It has the latest type of supervisory tools and meets the stringent certification standards, and high quality standards followed by the training organization.

General objectives of the LCEducational are:

Raising public awareness in education and training.
Provide education and training, counselling, technical advice, information to businesses, associations, institutions and organizations
Organization and implementation of conferences, seminars, educational programs and other European and national projects
Promotion of the working projects and services
Information and dissemination
Development of activities and educational programs to promote economic, cultural and social development and to address and exploit the changes in the global economy for the benefit of general interest


  • Provide educational programs to the employed, unemployed, young graduates from high school or technical schools
  • Provide specialized education and training to the workforce of small and medium enterprises
  • Advisory / coordination services to institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals or groups on specialized training and human resource development
  • Cooperation with other organizations, universities, academies, institutes and other training centers in Cyprus and abroad, towards the realization of the purpose of LCEducational
  • Development of integrated trans-European projects to promote human resources and equal opportunities
  • Studies / surveys
  • Provision of continuing vocational training programs, subsidized by the European Social Fund, for the unemployed and special social groups
  • Programs and training for skilled workers, businesses, organizations and organized self-employed, subsidized by the HRDA
  • Integrated Local Development and Local Employment Initiatives
  • Consultation services on employment and integration and reintegration of unemployed and specific social groups
  • Employment Councelling
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