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LCEducational - Profile
Training, Education, Research and Counselling Center

Dementia Friends in Action

Το πρüγραμμα «Φßλοι της ¶νοιας εν ΔρÜση» αποσκοπεß στην ενημİρωση και ευαισθητοποßηση ατüμων, επιχειρŞσεων, οργανισμşν και φορİων χÜραξης πολιτικŞς.  Περισσüτερα

Our trainers coordinate the discussion between politicians and young people, at the final meeting of the project "Motivation of young people", at Geroskipou Paphos on the 7th of July 2014 .

Our trainers, at the final Conference "Young people-Unemployment-Solutions", implemented on the 23rd of June at Apesia village (area of Kourri Xsilourikou).

Training for Early Intervention in the Nursery School (14 hours), at Polis Chrisochous.

Training for professionals working for people with disabilities(60 hours), at Paphos. Implemented between March and May 2014.

LCEducational organised and implemented the photography exhibition "Social Documentary Photography" at Limassol Municipality between 26th of May and 8th of June. The opening of the exhibition was been done by Deputy Mayor of Limassol Mr Savvas Stouppas.

Train the Trainers for ECC (European Care Certificate), for the trainers of IEA at Thessaloniki, Greece. The duration was 24 hours and implemented on the 13rd to 15th of May 2014.

Implementation of seminar "Motivation of Young People", at Community Volunteer Council of Geroskipou at Paphos, implemented on the 9th of May.

Award Certificates, completing the 60 hours training for professionals working with people with disabilities, at LCEducational on the 8th of April 2014.

On the 25th of March 2014 at Brussels, LCEducational had the honor to receive the EFID Award 2014 for the project "Act and React for Dementia" that wrote and coordinates on behalf of Kourri Xsilourikou Community of Voluntary Council, through the call "Initiative Dementia".

The meeting for the European project TOI/transfer of Innovation "Not patients but citizens with rights" was held at Uherske Hradiste in Czech Republic on 26/2-1/3 2014. The meeting of the European Care Certificate (ECC) Board was also held there on the 28th of February. Different themes related with the ECC exams were discussed.

The 5th meeting of Leonardo TOI project, APPRO, was successfully held in Kapetanios  Odyssia Hotel in Limassol from the 9th to 12th of April. Twenty one participants (teachers, trainers, directors, psychologists and other social scientist)  from Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Turkey worked together in order to organize the appropriate material for the importance of Transition in Europe.

A conference on the importance and need of Transition Service in Cyprus, as well as the presentation of good practices from Netherlands, was held with success, on the 12th of April at LCEducational. LCEducational Transition Service©, was also presented, as a unique innovative service in Cyprus.

On the 13th and 14th of February 2013 LCEducational implemented a 12 hours training course, financed by AnAD on the Effective Personnel Management and Leadership, for  the senior staff of a Cooperative Bank in Limassol.

An event for Woman's day was held with great success at LCEducational on the 9th of March. A short introduction from the director Mrs Litsa Charalambous, a film projection and a discussion at the end, accompanied with coffee and snacks created a unique day for all the female participants!

"Training of Social Carers working with elderly people"
Ôhe program "Training of Social Carers working with elderly people" was successfully completed on Tuesday 13th December 2011 (duration of the program 90 hours). The program was implemented in Kyperounta. The participants, participated to the official examinations in order to obtain the European Care Certificate (ECC) for Social Carers.

"Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation «APPRO»"
Photo from the Kick off meeting in Bergen/Netherlands, within the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation program "APPRO" for the promotion and development of Inclusive Education and Transition from education to work for people with behavioural problems and learning difficulties. It is with great pleasure and interest that we participate in this program, as it is innovative in Cyprus!


"School for parents"
The Center for Education, Training and Research LCEducational, in collaboration with the kindergarten "Pashalitsa" implements twice a month the program "School for parents". The aim is to help parents to act upon, what they think is best for their children in an environment of understanding and acceptance.


"European Conference on Adult Volunteering"
LCEducational participated in the Grundtvig European Conference on Adult Volunteering. The conference brought together representatives of the European Commission, Grundtvig National Agencies, as well as beneficiaries and experts in the field of adult volunteering in different Grundtvig actions - Senior Volunteering projects, Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, mobility actions, centralised Grundtvig actions. The objective of the conference was to promote recognition of volunteering as a learning opportunity for adult volunteers, as well as for the hosting and sending organisations. The aim was also to discuss the role of Grundtvig actions in developing adult voluntary practice and possible improvements in this field. Moreover, the conference provided the chance for participating experts in the field of adult education to discuss future projects, focusing on adult volunteering.


"Sharing Experience and Practices "
Photo from the award ceremony of LCEducational, at a ceremony held on the 29th of November 2011. The National Agency of the program awarded our organization for the excellent quality of the project entitled "Sharing Experience and Practices" within the program Leonardo da Vinci-Mobility.


"Recognition of fundamental human rights"
The first seminar of action "Non - discrimination and equality policies," on the topic "Recognition of fundamental human rights" was implemented with great success on Saturday 19th November 2011.

The seminar was attended by 50 young people aged between 18 to 30 years old, and politicians from all political parties. The aim was to develop cooperation and structured dialogue between young people and those responsible for youth policy.
The workshop included presentations of politician's discussions and workshops.


"Conference Athienou "
The team of LCEducational implemented with great success a conference on the topic "Women and volunteering", on Sunday 27/11/11 at Athienou. Main aim of the conference was to raise the women's awareness on issues relating to volunteering, as well as the awarding of the present volunteers.


"Conference Pitsilias"
Our training team in collaboration with the Board of Community Volunteering - Pitsilias, held a workshop on "Social programs - Operation and prospects." The event took place at the Museum of Koumandaria in Zoopigi - Limassol, on Saturday the 12/11/2011.


"Gerasas Conference "
On Sunday the 6th of November 2011, a conference with the topic "'Women - Gender - Employment" was successfully implemented in Gerasa, Limassol. The aim of the conference was to familiarize the participants with the values and principles of equality and non discrimination policies and also to develop principles and values against all forms of social discrimination.


Photo from 4th transnational meeting held in Athens for the European program LEONARDO DA VINCI- PARTNERSHIP "Through theatre to talents" which took place in Athens from the 27th until the 29th of October 2011.


"Challenging Youth Society"
In the context of the year 2011, which is designated as the official year of Voluntarism, LCEducational has planned, organized and implemented a seminar co-funded by the Youth in Action program, with title "Challenging Youth Society". The seminar took place in Limassol between the 25th and the 29th of May and was attended by 25 people from 10 different European countries such as Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Germany, France and Cyprus.




Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Program
«Sharing Experience and Practices»
LCEducational designed and implemented a training seminar entitled 'Sharing Experience and Practices' which was organized in Germany, Wurzburg from the 4th until the 14th of July at "Robert Kummert Academy". The seminar was sponsored by the Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes in the context of the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility program. The participants were trainers, collaborators and staff of LCEducational.
The aim was to learn, share knowledge, exchange experience and practices in the field of social care and in particular the rehabilitation of persons with special needs and other vulnerable groups.


On Wednesday July 6th 2011, LCEducational implemented a seminar, co-funded by the NMWR with subject "Women Abuse and Violence in the family". The seminar was attended by 40 women of different ages and main aim of this program was to inform people about this specific problem on the one hand and to provide guidance and advisory support to women that have experienced violence in any way


The program "Education and Training for Carers of people with special needs" which was co-funded by the HRDA was completed with success in Larnaca.
On the 21st of July, all the participants of the training program were awarded with their certificates. The persons who had attended with success the European Care Certificate exam were awarded with the ECC as well


LCEducational Education and Training Centre held on the 26th of January 2011 an Informative meeting on "The potential use of social carers - Challenge European Care Certificate / ECC European Care Certificate".
The conference was attended by professionals, representatives and managers of organisations that provide care for different groups of people.


On the 29th and 30th of January, LCEducational held in Paphos a Train the Trainers weekend seminar on:
"Methods and Techniques to organize Workshops for Adults with Special Needs".
Educators and trainers from Cyprus and abroad attended the seminar.


Photo from a workshop in the context of the «Youth Empowerment " workshops, which took place in the Community of Apesia. The workshops were implemented by LCEducational in collaboration with the Local Authority, and they were addressed to teenagers and youngsters.
The project ended successfully and consisted of open discussions, workshops and activities


Event of Astarte ngo, in the context of the European program "Music Across Borders", which involved organisations from Austria, Italy and Cyprus.
LCEducational coordinated and supported the above mentioned event.
The event was hosted by the Municipality of Limassol.

After the successful completion of the first part of the "Women's empowerment workshops" the participants were awarded by the mayor for their attendance. Those workshops took place in the Limassol Municipality in cooperation with LCEducational.
With the completion of the programs "Carers for People with special needs" and "Training for Carers of elderly», the participants received their training certificates. On the same day the participants who attended the ECC exams, were awarded with the ECC-European Care Certificate. The programs were approved and co-financed by the HRDA authority in Cyprus.
A photo from the program LEONARDO DA VINCI - Transfer of Innovation "Creating a Common Foundation in Care", which took place in Cyprus from the 12th to the 14th of May 2010. LCEducational is one of the 14 European organisations participating in this program, and the official representative in Cyprus.
Photo from the workshops of the European program LEONARDO DA VINCI- PARTNERSHIP "Europa Class 2009-2011" which took place in Cyprus on the 18th and 19th of October 2010.



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