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Ten reasons for taking the test:

  • The questionnaire contains a balanced number of questions, which increase its reliability.

  • The number of the question is neither too long, nor too short so does not make you feel tired affecting this way the question's validity.

  • It is based on internationally recognized theories with modern, original and well-tested practices, which consist of economical, psychometrical and educational data.

  • Its results map out the personality and the professional inclinations with accuracy, clarity, scientific completeness and seriousness.

  • Incorporates special software for checking the sincerity and consistency of the answers, in order to ensure validity.

  • It is easy and user-friendly and contains comprehensive histograms, tables and properly selected texts.

  • Contains Holland's personality types as well as a modern classification of occupations, which includes professions corresponding to both higher and vocational education.

  • Presents assessments of the prospects of international occupations and estimation for each occupation's outlet to other related occupations or specialties.

  • Special editions of the test have been adopted by governments, Ministries and Municipalities, following international tenders.

  • We have complete trust in the reliability, validity, usefulness and efficacy of the test; that is why we guarantee a money refund, if you are not satisfied with the results.

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