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Validity and Reliability of the Test:

The reliability of the test was calculated on the basis of the test-retest method. Furthermore, the validity of the test is based on the Holland's career guidance international theory about personality traits.
More specifically:

  • Test-retest reliability coefficient for the dispersion of personality factors in Holland's six personality traits was found to be 91%.
  • Test-retest reliability coefficient for the dispersion of personality factors in the classification K-17 was found to be 92%.

The validity has been incorporated by a well balanced sincerity control on the answers of the user through traps or repetitive questions with different wording.
Due the fact that the test is very user-friendly and reliable, people are very satisfied with its service and quality.

Comments of the users:

Fatma Alwan, career counselor says: "The presentation for international tests and the Career Gate Test K. 17 was one of the best at the conference. I am very glad that an instrument of this quality is being developed in the Arabic language."

The test was not difficult. It gave me the impression that it was asking me indirectly about one particular profession. It has the right information regarding the professions and the personality of the individual.
Iakovou. S

It is a remarkable test which helps us discover what we want and what suits us best. I believe that it is necessary for every child to do it. 
Anastasiou Th.

The Career Gate Test has questions from various subjects which cover a wide range of interests; so that every student can choose his/her profession easier.
Georgiou B.

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