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Our methodology consists of three main parts including 5-6 individual interviews which:

The first two, of the first part, aim for the individual to get self-awareness about personal skills, interests, talents and values. At this stage the parents are being informed about the career counceling and guidance process.

The next two meetings, of the second part, include the use of a specialized psychometric test (Career Gate k.17 Plus) to identify the skills, the talents and the interests of the individual. The test lasts 50-60 minutes. In the second meeting our Career Councelor analyzes the results of the test and discusses with the participant about the available career options.

Two or more interviews (depending on the needs of the individual) consist the third part of the counceling and guidance process. The aim of this part is to help the individual to get the career maturity and make rational career decisions and plans in the future. Furthermore, we discuss the appropriate techniques and present an effective action plan which help the participants to access the predefined goals. Last but not least, we provide information about the labor market in Cyprus and future trends according to the current available statistics.

Thanks to our knowledge, experience and methodology, we prepare a reliable and competitive individual who can get the ultimate goals.


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